The Eye Eaters Society - a not-so-secret society bringing together

culinary and visual artists to create an elevated social gathering


Eye Eaters Society Dinner at Bad Hunter


Artist Aleia Murawski

Chef Dan Snowden



Join the Eye Eaters Society on Thursday, March 5 at 7pm at Bad Hunter's Herbarium. Enjoy a four-course paired menu by Chef Dan Snowden, inspired by the the work of Aleia Murawski (and friends). Murawski's elaborately detailed whimsical miniatures and the accompanying photography will serve as the inspiration for Snowden's vegetable-forward menu.

*Dress Attire: Guest are to wear all black clothing head to toe in their own personal style.

Aleia Murawski is a Chicago-based artist known for her whimsical creative collaborations with artists Samuel Copeland and Alex Wallbaum. Elaborately detailed miniature worlds for their pet snails take inspiration from TV dramas and movies. The dioramic designs feature lofty city apartments, white picket fences, and tiny burnt out cigarettes.

Chef Dan Snowden of Bad Hunter

Bad Hunter is a veg-forward restaurant and bar in the West Loop. Their goal is simple: create a joyful experience by presenting the highest quality food and drink in a comfortable, convivial setting.

Our Founder: 

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