The Eye Eaters Society - a not-so-secret society bringing together

culinary and visual artists to create elevated social gatherings


Next Gathering:



Mott St ∙ Chef Edward Kim
Chicago Athletic ∙ Chef Christian Ragano 

Honeyʼs ∙ Chef Charles Welch 
Cosme ∙ Chef Daniela Soto-Innes 
Trio Grill ∙ Chef Michael Huff 
Columbia Grill ∙ Chef Jonny Spero 
Republic Tavern ∙ Chef Matthew Currie 
Soho House Chicago ∙ Chef Maxwell Robbins

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago / Marisol ∙ Chef Sarah Rinkvage
Ludlow Liquors / Drink-In Theater
Soho House Chicago / Drink-In-Theater
Pacific Standard Time Chef Erling Wu-Bower / Pastry Chef Natalie Saben
All Together Now / Glug Glug / Jeremy Patenaude
Elske ∙ Chef David Posey / Pastry Chef Anna Posey
Income Tax / Glug Glug
Eating Rainbows / Lalito / Chef Kia Damon
Mini Mott / Chef Edward Kim
The Frost House / Split Rail / Chef Zoe Schor 
Lost Larson / Glug Glug / Sommelier Laura Sundh
1340 Beer Wine / Glug Glug / Sommelier Derrick Westbrook
The 12 Drinks of Christmas 
Bad Hunter / Chef Dan Snowden
Mott St / Plate Art / Chef Edward Kim
Eating Rainbows / Larry's / Chefs Ollie Walleck & Kelly Ijichi


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